Falknis is located in the middle of the idyllic Maienfeld and is characterized by the traditional Arvenstube. On the top floor you can find a cozy room for our smoking guests. In front of the entrance a secluded terrace is situated which invites you to an appetizer with "Bünderplatte" or another fine dish. It is our philosophy to offer each guest a place where they can escape from the everyday routine for a couple of hours and relax in a suited atmosphere. It is the unique combination of the finest cooking and the feeling of a pub that makes visiting us a memorable experience.

The restaurant is suited for either a romantic evening for two or festivities of any kind. Gladly we would like to offer you a special created menu suggestion and book for you our "Stübli" room which accommodates 16 people or even for bigger events. However, our restaurant with 40 chairs as well as the terrace, which is designed for up to 30 people, may be what you need. Whatever it is you looking for, we can provide it at Landgasthof Falknis.

Das Restaurant Falknis ist idyllisch mitten in Maienfeld gelegen


Landgasthof Falknis - Bahnhofstrasse 10 7304, Maienfeld - 081 302 18 18
Restaurant Falknis

Bahnhofstrasse 10 7304, Maienfeld
Telephone: 081 302 18 18

Restaurant in Maienfeld

Das Restaurant eignet sich sowohl für einen romantischen Abend zu zweit als auch für Gesellschaftsanlässe und Feierlichkeiten jeglicher Art.


Die besten Weine aus unserer wunderschönen Bündner Herrschaft haben bei uns seit Jahren Tradition

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Falknis Lage - Bahnhofstrasse 10 7304, Maienfeld

Kurt Stocker aus Moskau geht gern ins Restaurant Falknis speisen. Es ist ihm immer einen Abstecher wert,, wenn er aus Moskau zu Besuch ist.