Simply brilliant

These two words describe exactly what you can expect from the dishes of Gion Rudolf Trepp and his team. The extraordinary fresh meals are cooked with a lot of passion, and they use many seasonal ingredients. Our team puts much attention on quality and creativity, and everything that leaves the kitchen is selected with care and cooked with passion until every single detail is perfect. Our menus are very different and are continuously improved with new ideas. The high quality ingredients are very important to us. We put a lot of emphasis so that the meat, which comes from the region, is always well taken care of.

We invite you to discover the culinary delights at the Falknis country house. You will be thrilled from the appetizer to the desert. Our wine list is unique in the region. A combination out of the best B√ľnder wines and exquisite selections from Italy and France makes it possible for us to offer you a perfect wine for everyone and every dish. Please take contact us via phone or mail to find about our latest offers.

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Landgasthof Falknis - Bahnhofstrasse 10 7304, Maienfeld - 081 302 18 18
Restaurant Falknis

Bahnhofstrasse 10 7304, Maienfeld
Telephone: 081 302 18 18

Kurt Stocker aus Moskau geht gern ins Restaurant Falknis speisen. Es ist ihm immer einen Abstecher wert,, wenn er aus Moskau zu Besuch ist.