The hotel Falknis was built between 1865 and 1880 and is managed by the third generation couple, Hans Zindel-Kersten. During the first decades the Falknis was a meeting place for livestock and horse traders from various regions of Switzerland, Italy, Hungary and Poland. Countless riders and people who enjoy horses met over many years in a relaxed atmosphere with a fine Maienfelder wine. For more than 60 years Hans Zindel cooked for his guests with great commitment.

In 2009 the Falknis was for sale and everyone expected that the building would be demolished and not much time would pass until a new building came to place. But thanks to the initiative of Michael Stocker, Silvio Vogt, Heinz Dürler and Kurt Stocker the restaurant was preserved from this fate. They purchased the Falknis and arranged every detail. Now it shines in a new splendor. It was significant for the holder that the original charm and the coziness, which was appreciated by all guests, were maintained.

Gasthaus Falknis - Maienfelder Beerliwein

The long lasting tradition of the Falknis is able to continue thanks to Gion Rudolf Trepp and his team. Guests from the village, from Switzerland and abroad can enjoy again the unique experience of the Falknis.


Landgasthof Falknis - Bahnhofstrasse 10 7304, Maienfeld - 081 302 18 18
Restaurant Falknis

Bahnhofstrasse 10 7304, Maienfeld
Telephone: 081 302 18 18


Falknis Lage - Bahnhofstrasse 10 7304, Maienfeld

Kurt Stocker aus Moskau geht gern ins Restaurant Falknis speisen. Es ist ihm immer einen Abstecher wert,, wenn er aus Moskau zu Besuch ist.